Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bob's powerful paws stood still while his beautiful eyes slowly looked out over the meadow outside the window. 
A sharp thud is heard up from. But it have come to me, supernatural things happen constantly in our old house. Bob has still not quite grown accustomed to strange sounds, but he is constantly barking as soon as he hear noises. Frank's jacket was thrown on the brown couch. A rough knitted cardigan as he always forgot everywhere. But it smelled like him, and I had no intention of returning it. The sharp ringing got both me and Bob to jump. "oliver". I listened carefully and then said kiss and put down the phone. at midnight I'll meet up with my friends. secret spot the was code word for the evening. I have no idea what will happen. but I love it.


  1. your blog is lovely
    beautiful words

  2. such a beautiful picture. ok if i keep it on my computer?