Sunday, 20 September 2009

trees danced to the beat of the music. the taste of the dry cigarette sat still on my tongue, the taste was not as usual. it made me imagine what was going on. Frank saw it on me. my eyes were crossed and my vision was like a kaleidoscope. Frank took my hand. His dark brown eyes made me focus on them. I bit my lip hard. tried to focus. but I fell. despite the cold ground beneath me, I fell. everything became black. I was in a black world. without light or heat. hands were on my arms. voices talking. maybe with me. Frank's beautiful voice spoke to me. but I fell deeper. 

neither time nor place was when I finally woke up. Frank sat in the red raspberry old armchair next to my bed. he slept. my hero.


  1. I need one of those. Heroes. Do they exist?

  2. The feeling of falling, ah it's amazing. Can you achieve the same feeling by drinking a lot of wine? Cause I don't have any suitable heroes in my neighborhood to make me feel anything similiar to this.