Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The midnightwalks is always cold but fresh. The cold air refresh the brain office and i start to think about deeper stuff. The sun slowly goes down and the darkness comes out. The cold winds just keeps getting colder and colder. Dogowners and single runners, and me. I went by Franks simple house. I throwd a rock on his window. And as so many times before i happen to throw the stupid rock to hard. Poor frank. I saw his brown hair in the window, his face turned into a big smile when he saw me. He always looked so tired at night, but that´s not wired. But he always starts to laugh when he sees me outside walking, i will never understand why but as long as he laughs at it…

He walked me home, and by that time i was freezing. So my dear frank borrowed me his jacket. I sat by the window when he suddenly asked me about our relationship, are we best friends or lovers?